It’s never been more challenging to capture your audience’s attention. We constantly explore and test new ideas and tools to help you get your message heard, building and implementing creative strategies that are fresh, efficient and measurable.

The Knowledge Transformation Plan™

Are you getting the most out of your communications activities? Are they making a difference?

Don’t guess. Our Knowledge Transformation Plan™ is a proven method for planning, implementing, and measuring your communications activities.

Our plan begins with a Knowledge Foundation that clearly identifies stakeholders, goals and outcomes, as well as target audiences, key messages, and other relevant data to inform decision-making. Information from the Knowledge Foundation is used to develop creative, unique solutions for your organization and a tactics calendar that can be efficiently implemented and measured.

The Knowledge Transformation plan is a foundational roadmap for bringing your strategy to life – contact us to learn more.

Strategic Communications

We provide planning and implementation services to support your communications activities. Need help with a special project, or ongoing support for your in-house team? Contact us to learn how we work with clients to make it all happen.

Services include:

  • communications strategy research, development and implementation
  • assessment activities including research, focus group implementation, surveys
    and related reporting
  • brand research, auditing and development
  • website development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) planning and ongoing website maintenance
  • development and implementation of social networking campaigns
  • writing, editing, and confidential ghostwriting services for reports, proposals, speeches, articles, news releases, advertising, marketing materials, newsletters, blogs, video scripts and websites
  • video scripting, filming, editing and project management

Social Media Solutions

We’ll keep you up to date on your social networks by developing relevant content and maintaining your online activities. Contact us for subscription packages that make it easy for you to stay social.

Services include:
content calendar with relevant themes and activities; content management for social networks, based on your needs;
quarterly assessments.

Process Optimization

Are you struggling with an organizational process challenge? Contact us to learn how we collaborate with organizational designers to support departmental/organizational change.

Services include: 
innovative guidance for your vision, including research, process analysis and mapping, departmental reviews, development of executive reports and support for institutional engagement; assessment activities, including focus group implementation, surveys and
related reporting.


The Website Maximizer

Do you need a team to liven up your website and keep it up to date? Contact us to learn more about our website subscription packages that will keep your website searchable and up to date.

Services include: 
weekly checks for errors and broken links; content development and updates; support for visuals; news searches and updates; quarterly measurement reports.